Luxury Cruise Ship Hid Unrefrigerated Raw Food in Crew Cabins to Avoid Health Inspectors?


When health inspectors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention boarded the luxury cruise ship Silver Shadow, they found 15 food trolleys hidden in crew cabins in an "organized effort” to avoid inspection. The foods, including raw meat, were not refrigerated, according to CNN.

The CDC conducted the inspection after they received a tip from an anonymous crew member.

Adriano Colonna, a pastry chef on the vessel, said a trolley of salami and bleu cheese was stored (unrefrigerated) in crew cabins night after night to avoid inspection.

Another crew member admitted he had been ordered by his superiors to sleep with the food in his cabin.

“The food temperatures of just some of the many potentially hazardous foods stored in the crew cabins included: numerous cheeses from 50-68 °F, sliced and full pieces of deli meats from 58-63 °F, and raw pork at 47 °F,” said the CDC inspection report.

“A variety of packaged, unpackaged, covered, uncovered, raw, cooked, and ready-to-eat foods were found stored on the deck, under and on beds of the galley crew cabins.”

Miami-based attorney specializing in cruise line lawsuits, Jim Walker, says that hiding food from government inspectors is a common practice on cruise ships.

"There is typically a scramble that takes place," Walker said. "That's what we learn from crew members."

The Fort Lauderdale-based Silversea Cruises, which operates the “award-winning, all-suite luxury” cruise ship, told CNN it was “deeply disappointed” in the outcome of the health inspection. When the CDC issued a health grade for the ship, it received a failing grade, an 82 out of 100.

Unfortunately, the CDC inspection can’t shut down the cruise. But they did spray chlorine over the unrefrigerated items to ensure that the crew couldn’t serve that food to guests.

Sources: CNN, Newser


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