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Lump On Woman's Back Turns Black - Now Watch What Happens When Doctor Applies Pressure

A disturbing video of a woman getting a cyst drained went viral (video below).

In the clip, the woman can be seen lying on her back with a gigantic, irritated red abscess exposed. The doctor begins to apply pressure to it, causing pus and blood to ooze out. The doctor continues to drain the fluid over the course of several minutes, wiping up the blood as it comes out of the giant red bump. 

The video quickly went viral, with many commenting on the disturbing process of extracting the pus and blood from the cyst.

“It should have been a bit more sterile. Probably MRSA. It also should have been opened and drained. That Dr. must not care much.she could have done that at home,” one reader commented on Newsiosity’s Facebook page.

“How in the world did she not realize it was there before it got that big is my question. I think I would have noticed a little bit of pain in that area and looked in the mirror to see what was going on,” another added.

Sources: Newsiosity/FacebookNewsiosityThe Doctor's Channel/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via Newsiosity

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