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Lucky To Be Alive: U.K. Teen Goes Into Cardiac Arrest After Drinking Too Many Jagerbombs

A U.K. teenager suffered three heart attacks and went into a coma after drinking Jagerbombs on a night out with friends, Mirror Online reports.

Jayde Dinsdale, 19, took advantage of a two-for-one special at a bar and it nearly cost her her life.

The following morning, she was talking to her mom about her night out when suddenly she collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

“She was her normally bubbly self and was telling me about her night while in the bathroom,” Natalie Dinsdale, the girl’s mother, told Mirror Online. “Then all of a sudden her chest jolted and she fell to the floor and hit her head on the bath and radiator.

“Her pulse was very faint and she started to go purple.”

The girl’s father, Darryl Dinsdale, performed “Vinnie Jones CPR” on her while paramedics made their way to the home.

Jayde suffered three heart attacks and was technically dead before being brought back to life by defibrillators. She was rushed to Yeovil District Hospital where she remained in an induced coma for 52 hours.

“She was dead on the bathroom floor - it’s a miracle that Jayde is still with us,” added Natalie, who described the horror of seeing her daughter covered in tubes. “Nothing can prepare you for seeing your child like that.”

Doctors told Jayde that once the alcohol wore off from her system, the high levels of caffeine from the energy drinks accelerated her heart rate.

“This could have happened to anyone,” Darryl said. “It wasn’t caused by alcohol, it was the amount of caffeine in her body. It’s shocking the amount of caffeine in those drinks.”

According to Mirror Online, British consumption of energy drinks has doubled in the last decade. In some court cases, the popular energy drink Monster was singled out for containing a “toxic” level of caffeine.

A year after her incident, Jayde is now making an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of energy drinks.

“I think it is pretty bad that people sell these drinks.” she told Mirror Online. “You’ve no idea how much caffeine is in them and how dangerous they can be.

“I hope people will think twice about drinking energy drinks - they could be deadly.”

“The doctors have said it was all to do with the energy drinks,” Jayde explained. “Alcohol slows your heart rate but the energy drinks speed it up. That’s why I was able to come home and sleep ok, but when the alcohol totally left my system at 10 am, my heart stopped.

“I’m quite glad I don’t remember it all,” she added. “But now I am looking at how much caffeine is in energy drinks, I just can’t believe they are on sale.”

Dr. David Maritz at Yeovil District Hospital also spoke about the dangers of energy drinks.

He said:

Given the potential for harm as seen from reviews and reports of toxicity in medical literature, it suggests children and young adults, especially those with predisposing medical conditions, are potentially at risk from serious adverse effects from excessive consumption of energy drinks.

Sources: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Urban 75


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