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Love Is in the Air—For You!

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Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies! Since we’ve already spent the entire week giving stuff away, talking about chocolate and sex, and celebrating Love Yo’Self Week, we wanted to culminate all of this into one post everyone could feel good about. We recently asked our Twitter followers to tell us what they loved best about themselves, and the results? A big ball of self-loving awesome. Read on to smile, feel good and perhaps see a little of yourself in the Tweets.

Feel-Good Tweets

My determination to keep at my fitness goals! I won’t give up! Not in my vocab! —@AliahPR

That I honor myself by always stating MY truth and owning it! It overflows into every area of your life. —@360healthcoach

Honest, genuine. —@elisazied

I am little over 5’10″. You can’t “overlook” me; I don’t feel intimidated, and I can say I weigh 150 pounds and be proud of it!  —@elmomomi

My determination! —@mboughton

My tenacity. It’s not IF I’ll do it, it’s WHEN. —@DubyaWife

My eyes, lips and feet. —@Sammyluvsklayty

My laugh—it’s infectious. —@marcird

My determination—no matter how big or small the challenge, just keep going! —@4meirun

My eyes…they’re sparkly! —@cakeybakeytart

Respecting myself! Listening to my body and its limitations! —@pugrunner84

My tenacity. Regardless of how many times I stumble, I don’t give up until I’ve achieved my goal. —@Lost_n_thought

We recommend bookmarking this page on your browser so that any time you’re feeling down on yourself, you can get a few ideas as to why you rock! And, of course, leave a comment on what you love about you! —Jenn


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