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Love in the Air: Om Gal Shares Healthy Dates for Spring

Spring is a great time for love. And if not love—crushes, flings, or (at the very least) mutual Facebook stalking.

Warmer weather, lighter moods, and clothing no longer belonging to decidedly unsexy categories such as puffy, fleece, and parka may all contribute to the season’s romantic potential. It could also be a primal buzz in the air of bees, birds, and blooming flowers and trees. Finally, they feel social enough to mingle after a long winter of hibernation and terrible reality TV.  Sound familiar?

If so, you may enjoy an article I wrote for, “10 Boston Dates that Do a Body Good.” For om gals and guys outside Boston who are looking for dates more creative than a tub of popcorn and a movie, more adventurous than a new restaurant, and healthier than a bunch of cocktails, try adapting the inspiration of my options to fit your city.  Then, tell us about it.

Do you have a favorite healthy date? Please share!


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