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How to Lose Weight by the Numbers

The following is a guest post from Bob Mauer!

When it comes to losing weight, most of us cringe at the thought. Unfortunately, this is what may be keeping you from realizing your new year’s resolution or the following through on a diet. The strongest impediment is your own mind. Old habits and the seemingly impossible task of actually reaching your target weight either prevents you from attempting a diet or causes you to quit after a short period.

In order to get past the idea that you are unable to lose weight, you have to think about this as a mathematician. Don’t worry; the math is so simple a child could do it. First, realize that a pound is 3500 calories. Although this seems like a lot, if you take into consideration that you probably burn 2000 calories just by doing every day activities, you’re body is doing most of the weight loss work for you.

What is your weight loss goal? If you want to lose 20 pounds, you are really trying to lose 70,000 calories. This figure is even scarier then the 20 pounds, but when you’re burning around 14,000 calories a week breathing and sleeping, you will find it is a manageable goal. What you will do is use a calorie tracking tool. These tools are available for free online; just perform a quick Google search and choose one. You have to use the tracker every single day for it to be effective. In addition, try to be as truthful and accurate as possible. This strategy will not work if you constantly leave food out to keep your calorie numbers low.

Returning to our 20 pound weight loss goal, if you break it down to 1 pound a week for 5 months, you find the goal is not only possible, it’s piece of cake (or celery if you’re on a diet.) 1 pound of weight loss a week requires a calorie deficit of only 500 calories a day. If you begin a light exercise routine, you can boost your daily calorie burn count to 2200 per day. You can continue to eat what you like as long as you remain under 1700 calories a day and lose 1 pound a week.

If we put this into perspective, you can eat a couple of fried eggs with cheese for breakfast, 2 hot dogs for lunch, a 3 chicken tacos with low fat sour cream for dinner and stay well under your calorie goals. This scenario sounds too good to be true, but the numbers don’t lie. Once you realize how many calories are in t he foods you love, you can begin to realize your weight loss goals are possible. There are times when you eat even though you’re not hungry, but if you start to plan meals (using the calorie counting tool) and putting effort in what you prepare, you will find that limiting yourself to certain food can be rewarding and fun. Losing 1 pound a week doesn’t seem like much, but they add up and you will see results.

Last, but certainly not least, never check your weight using a scale. This is one of the most distracting and nonsensical methods for checking results. When you start an exercise routine, you build muscle no matter what. If you decide to walk to the store rather then driving, you will build leg muscles because your body is performing a new habitual activity. As we all know, muscle is heavier than fat so even a few extra ounces of muscle will cancel out the weight loss from fat burning fat. Optimally, you should constantly measure your waist, arms, stomach, and the other parts of your body required to calculate your body mass index. This computation helps you discover the percentage of fat in your body.

Hopefully this detailed plan will help you realize your weight loss goals. If you want to see results, take action today. Those of you reading this and thinking about implementing this plan starting the first of next month, please rethink that plan and change that start date to today. Use the rest of the month as practice to warm up for the first of next month. Enjoy the journey and good luck with your weight loss goals.

The preceding article is brought was written by Bob Mauer, an expert in health with a focus on foods to lower cholesterol. For more health tips and personal experience stories, please visit


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