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Los Angeles Beach Closed After Needles, Tampons, Condoms Wash Ashore (Video)

Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles was closed on the evening of Sept. 23 and all day on Sept. 24 after hypodermic needles, condoms and tampon applicators washed up on the sand (video below).

Leslie Griffin, of Heal the Bay, an environmental group, told KTLA that waste water from last week's rainstorm was diverted to an outfall one mile offshore by the Hyperion Treatment Plant and caused the existing sewage in the outfall to be released into the bay.

Tonya Durrell, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County, told the media, "We can tell you that it is non-toxic. It does not pose a threat, and we are working very aggressively to make sure that folks get to come back and enjoy the Southern California beaches," notes The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the Los Angeles Health Department has advised people not to touch the sand, water or objects that wash up on the shore, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Water samples reportedly found that bacteria levels were above California's standards and warning signs were posted on the beach.

Sources: Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, KTLA / Photo Credit: KTLA Screenshot


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