Loss of Ovaries Kills Women's Sex Drive

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Castelo-Branco and authors in their 2009 publication in Climacteric have looked into the risks of having low sexual desire after having your ovaries out. They found that nearly 3 out of every 4 women after having their ovaries removed are at risk of HSDD, or the low desire disorder.

This is of course complicated by issues like having just been sterilized. Looking at women over the first 5 years after they have lost their ovaries is the time of the most turmoil and the most confusion as to how a women is interpreting her feelings v her hormonal changes.

Age also is an important factor in how we respond sexually, with older women functioning more poorly, but actually caring a bit less about it, in most cases. Women need blood flow and circulation for best stimulation of the clitoral and vaginal areas.Hypertensive patients who have presumed lower genital blood flow to the region report lower sexual function.

Loosing the ovaries may not change the immediate circulation in that area, but some circulation that is collateral to the area may compromise the vagina, and if a hysterectomy was also done the circulation to the area may indeed change. So there are many factors, and another reason to keep ovaries unless they need to be removed.


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