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Look Great in a Swimsuit in Time for Summer

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With swimsuit season just around the corner it's time again to cut
those extra pounds and get your body swimsuit ready. The good news is
there is plenty of time if you make the commitment to take action now.
You have about 6 weeks so let's not waste any more time and get started
so you can look fabulous in your favorite bikini!

You can pick
any one of the nine below but you will definitely get the most benefit
and weight loss by applying each one to your life and get a rockin' bod.

9 Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Your Swimsuit

1. Eat only 3 meals a day and one snack which you can either have in the afternoon or early evening.

No eating after 7:30 pm. Allow evening and sleeping time to put your
body into a caloric deficit to promote fat loss. Also, just like my
mother-in-law says "you won't know you are a little hungry if you just
go to sleep".

3. During the next 21 days avoid all alcohol (you can have up to two drinks for Cinco de Mayo!)

Stop eating when you feel 80% satisfied, not full, stuffed or sick.
This will easily save you 200-700 calories! It adds up very quickly
since 150 calorie reduction per day can help you lose 15 pounds in a

5. Avoid the clean plate syndrome- always leave some food on your plate.

6. *Lift weight 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes but work out hard during those thirty minutes with little rest between sets.

*Do some leg squats- there is nothing that can make cellulite go away
but doing squats at the gym with just the bar is a great way to tighten
up you hamstrings, butt, and quads.

8. *Sprint for 10 seconds and
then rest for 30 seconds. Continue this for 10 minutes. *As always when
starting a new program consult with your physician.

9. Write down
your food intake. Whenever you write it down you will be more
accountable and research shows that people who have been successful at
losing weight and keeping it off typically keep a food log.

Have a fabulous summer at the beach or pool and don't forget your sunscreen to keep you skin looking young!


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