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Long Island Woman Brittany Ozarowski Faked Cancer For Drug Money

A Long Island woman is facing a number of charges after she allegedly faked a cancer diagnosis in order to get money to support her heroin addiction. Brittany Ozarowski, 21, claimed to have ovarian, stomach, bone and brain cancer and got sympathetic people to give her tens of thousands of dollars that were supposed to be used to help her pay for medical expenses, CBS Local reported.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota called it “a despicable scam.”

The young woman is facing 24 counts including grand larceny in the third degree and fraud.

Ozarowski asked supermarket shoppers for cash and left donor jars at Nassau and Suffolk county businesses. She also somehow got her grandmother to sell her house after which she gave Ozarowski more than $100,000.

Spota said: “There was no cancer, no chemotherapy or radiation. All there was, was heroin and more heroin. She told business owners that she was suffering from bone and brain cancer and that the disease was spreading to her thyroid and her stomach. She told some people that she just found out the brain cancer was inoperable.”

Ozarowski went so far as to create a PayPal account and a website with a banner that pleaded, "Help Save My Life."

A video about the scam is below.

Sources: CBS Local, Fox News


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