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Live Action Virginia Clinic Film Was Doctored, According to Analysts

Media Matters for America has analyzed the video footage of a visit to the Richmond, Va., Planned Parenthood Clinic by a team from Live Action Films and has found that Live Action "appears to have doctored the audio of its Richmond "sting," moving audio from one portion of their video to a different portion."

Through careful examination of the time stamps on the videos, MMFA states that:

The only explanation is that someone at Live Action moved around the audio in one of the versions of the video.

And asks:

All of which leads to this question: If Live Action is doctoring audio of their Richmond sting, what else are they lying about?

Rather than repeating what MMFA has done, we suggest you go to the source: The analysis and various version of the video on which it is based can be found here on MMFA's site.


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