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Girl With Cancer Shamed By Substitute Teacher (Video)

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A Pennsylvania girl was devastated when her substitute teacher shamed her for pulling out hair that was falling from her head as a result of chemotherapy (video below).

MaKayla Welsh was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015 and is currently in remission, but has only recently started seeing the effects of chemo -- including losing her hair. The 5-year-old was upset about her situation, her mother told WPXI.

"It did bother her that she was losing her hair again. It bothered her to the point she didn't want to go to school when it was all gone," Nicole Welsh said. 

MaKayla was in class at her elementary school when the substitute shamed her in front of her classmates.

"The teacher thought she was pulling her hair out… The teacher told her if she was bald, she wouldn't be pretty," Nicole said. Upset, she called the superintendent and principal to inform them of what happened. Both said that the situation was unacceptable.

"They just told me it'd be handled and promised she'd never go through anything like that again," Nicole said. The school district was quick to resolve the situation, even showing students a video that helped them to understand what MaKayla was going through.

"When the video was done, the whole class rallied around and hugged her. She was excited and couldn't wait to go to school," Nicole said. As for the substitute, the mother had a very simple but powerful message for her.

"Be careful on how you word things to children… Words can hurt a lot more than anything else. They can stick with you forever," she said.

In a similar story, a beloved teacher was serenaded by her students while at her home in the final stages of her battle with cancer -- only to die just 12 minutes later.

"We knew that Mrs. Walker had cancer, but she never told the kids how bad it was. They knew that she wouldn't live much longer," Cindi Lee Cooper-Fields, the mother of one of the students who sang to beloved choir teacher Mariana Walker, told ABC News.

Only 12 minutes after Fields' daughter and 30 to 40 fellow classmates sang songs to her outside of her home, Walker passed away. 

"She just really influenced me in all aspects of life, not just singing," 17-year-old Madi Webb said. "It was really hard for me because when I was in school there, I was really close with her. That was my last time really being with her."

Sources: WPXI, ABC News, YouTube / Photo credit: Steven Brewer/Flickr

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