6-Year-Old With Cancer Made Honorary Police Officer


The 6th district of the Chicago Police Department made a dream come true for a little girl with cancer.

Madison Pruitt, 6, is battling a rare muscle cancer. Although she went into remission after being diagnosed in 2015, the disease has returned.

"It came back and it came back with a vengeance and kept spreading," Grandmother Pamlor Nelson told WFLD News.

Before the diagnosis, Nelson said her granddaughter, who’s been given the nickname "Bossy Momma," was a typical little girl. Over the past six months, the disease has taken away her strength.

"How I know she's doing good is when she bosses me around and tells me what I should do," Nelson said.

The 6-year-old’s lifelong dream is to become a Chicago public officer.

"If something bad happens, without police officers you can't do nothing about it," Madison said.

As Madison's condition is worsening, Lindsay Wooster, Madison’s social worker, contacted the 6th district of the Chicago Police Department to help make her dream come true.

"She is declining, so we wanted to try setup things for her while we could," Wooster explained to WGN-TV News.

On April 6, Madison wasn't feeling well enough to attend a scheduled appearance during police roll call. Nevertheless, that did not stop the department from wanting to make Madison’s dream become a reality.

"Let’s go up there and wish this girl all the love in the world," an officer said during the pep talk.

A total of 75 officers then marched to Madison’s front porch, to her grandmother’s surprise.

"I could've turned a cartwheel," Nelson told WFLD News. "I am overjoyed."

Eddie Johnson, the interim superintendent for the Chicago Police Department, gave Madison the honor of a lifetime.

"Today, I'm going to make your dream a make you a Chicago police officer," Johnson told her, while he placed an honorary police officer hat on her head.

"The page of courage is not written by Chicago police officers, but it’s written by a little girl up there on a porch spending time with us," Sgt. Ernest Bradley said, according to WGN-TV.

It was an emotional day for both the family and the police department.

"As sick as she is, she still managed to muster up the courage and the strength to smile and accept everything that we’ve given to her today," Bradley said. "If that’s not a reason to keep doing what we’re going, I don’t know what is."

Sources: WGN-TV News, WFLD News / Photo Credit: WBBM News, WFLD News

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