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4-Year-Old Accidentally Served Alcohol At Detroit Restaurant

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A mother in Detroit was shocked to discover that the drink given to her 4-year-old daughter at a local restaurant contained alcohol.

Teria Smith said she was at Armando’s restaurant with her daughter on Sept. 27 when the girl ordered a non-alcoholic daiquiri. Soon after receiving the drink, Smith’s daughter began acting strange.

The mother quickly realized that an alcoholic daiquiri had mistakenly been served to the 4-year-old girl.

Staff reportedly mixed the non-alcoholic daiquiri up with an alcoholic one ordered at a different table. The girl was subsequently brought to the hospital, where a urine sample taken a few hours after the incident ultimately showed no alcohol left in her system. 

“Although it was an isolated incident, Armando’s will take immediate action to ensure our staff receives retraining in alcohol service through the servsafe alcohol program,” the restaurant’s general manager said. 

Another statement was subsequently issued, further explaining the incident.

“A simple change is we changed the glasses that we served virgin drinks in," the statement read. "Our servers are going through retraining with the TIPS program and ServSafe. She was fairly new in the dining room. She’s not working right now until she completes her retraining on the TIPS program. I’ve actually scheduled that for later this week.

“It was a very unfortunate mistake. Just busy and she grabbed the wrong drink. It was actually served to an adult. We didn’t even really know it was going to a child but regardless it was wrong.”

Sources: Click On Detroit, Eater / Photo credit: Valters Krontals/Flickr, Marcus Meissner/Flickr


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