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Doctors Accidentally Glue Little Boy's Eye Shut

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A four-year-old British boy was almost blinded when doctors accidentally glued his eye shut while treating him for a cut on his head.  

The Daily Mail reports that Jay Watson was playing in a garden with his older brother, Jordan, and their grandmother, Jayne Gilder.  Jay reportedly cut himself and was taken to the hospital to treat the bleeding.  

At the hospital, doctors used medical glue to treat the wound, but the medic accidentally dripped the glue into Jay’s right eye.  

It took the powerful glue five days to dissolve, and during that time Jay reportedly couldn’t even blink his eye.  

Watson’s grandmother shared her thoughts on the incident:

The whole thing should have been over and done with in ten minutes. Why they didn’t put an eye patch or something to protect his eye, I don’t know. What amazed us even more was the fact that the doctor told us it wasn’t the first time this had happened. It was like he was proud of it. The stress that child went through to try to and open his eye is unbelievable. He screamed the hospital down, all because of incompetence. They made a mountain out of a mole hill. He came out looking like he had been in a war zone. He left looking worse than what he did when he was admitted.

Gilder went on to recall the torment her grandson went through:

The state he came out in was disgusting. What’s worse is that the doctor told us to go home and that Jay’s eye would open by itself.  That night, he didn’t sleep a wink and he was in agony. We decided to take him back to the Alexandra Hospital where they told us we had two options, to force his eye open or to wait for it to loosen in due course. Jo couldn’t face another night like that, so we agreed to try and get the eye to open. It was so traumatic for him. He was screaming the place down. It was a horrific scream.

According to the NHS website, skin glue is a powerful adhesive that is used by doctors to treat deep gashes and wounds as long as they have straight edges where the skin can be pulled together.  

A Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust spokesman said: “We are concerned when a patient's experience doesn’t match the high standards we set for ourselves, however we are unable to discuss individual cases.

Sources: Daily Mail, NHS / Photo credit: HomeSpot HQ/Flickr

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