Liberty Counsel Blames 'Sex Education' for Gonorrhea, Ignores Science (Video)

On the Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom" radio program today, co-host Matt Barber claimed that a new drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea exists in the U.S. because of "comprehensive sex education" (video below), notes RightWingWatch.org.

"We as a culture, as a nation, are reaping this moral relativist push for the sexualization of children," claimed Barber. "And that's what it is, by telling children, 'don't do as I say, do as I do' with comprehensive sex education giving a wink and a nod sometimes, not even all the time anymore, because Obama has lifted all the abstinence education requirements."

"Sexually transmitted disease running rampant with kids younger and younger and younger. Teenage pregnancy through the roof. Thanks a lot, Left. Comprehensive sex education. You're to blame. Progressives and leftists are to blame for these children suffering the consequences of their lifestyle. They are reaping what they sow and in large part the Left is to blame."

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated in February that the new strain of gonorrhea was actually caused by mutations of gonorrhea that are resistant to antibiotics such as cephalosporins.

Contrary to what Barber stated, this new strain did not begin in the United States. The CDC said that strains resistant to cephalosporins began appearing in East Asia in the early 2000s. In a 2011, the CDC warned doctors to look for cephalosporin-resistant strains and report any cases to health officials.

Barber failed to mention that all sort of diseases, besides STDs, develop resistance to treatments over years, which requires more investment into science and medical care.

Sources: CDC.gov and RightWingWatch.org


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