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Montana Town Turns Blue for Prostate Cancer Research

The town of Libby, Montana, will 'GET BLUE' this Friday 24th September, going to extraordinary lengths for prostate cancer awareness and fundraising campaign Blue September. The town will literally be turned blue, with buildings including the iconic town eagles and the Libby Bridge, all to be decorated. At 10.45am on Mineral Avenue, Mayor Doug Roll will officially welcome Blue September, with almost the whole town expected to turn out and get blue faced in support.

The campaign is a welcome change for Libby, out to prove that even though it is a small town, it is big on heart, while providing a glowing example to other Americans about the need to 'face up to prostate cancer'. Libby's Care Center has kick started the fundraising with per patient donations expected to raise around $2000.

"To see everyone come together to make a difference is liberating. I can't wait to see everyone in their blue best, 'facing up to prostate cancer', and raising money and awareness that will literally save lives. Get Blue Libby!" said Major Roll.

The entire town has enthusiastically thrown their support behind the campaign. Local firefighters and police will block off the main street, businesses have designed Blue September T-Shirts and cups, and residents will run cake sales and face painting. The town is matching the example of the Capitol Records Building and other prominent landmarks around the country which have already turned blue in support of the campaign.

"It just fills your heart with joy to see people who care this much. Prostate cancer kills 27,000 American's every year. Together we can change that," said Libby resident Kandis Peterson, a one-woman army driving the inspiring effort.

Libby hasn't always been publicized for the best of reasons, but the generosity of the townspeople remains unwavering, with the campaign expected to be a huge success.

Blue September is a campaign using BLUE for BOYS to help get the message out about prostate cancer, a disease affecting over 2 million Americans. It aims to change attitudes and behaviors towards prostate cancer whilst raising funds for The Prostate Cancer Research Institute.


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