Li Fengfei Arrested and Charged with Fraud After Exposing Forced Abortion at the Hands of the Chinese Government

A woman in China is currently on trial for fraud after taking to the Internet to expose the truth about her forced abortion at the hands of the authorities.

Li Fengfei was apparently very emotional when she appeared in a Chinese courtroom. Li was charged with embezzlement for, as authorities say, issuing fake stamps and receipts after coming out publicly about her forced abortion.

It all started when Li was arrested and charged with embezzling money after a situation with a coworker. Everyone else in her office covered up for the coworker except Li, so she was arrested and questioned extensively. Li maintained then that she was framed, and after intense questioning and pressure began to affect her, especially because she was pregnant, she wound up confessing to the crime.

During her two-month jail sentence, authorities hid the fact that she was pregnant. Li was worried about her pregnancy because she already had one child, and having another goes against China’s one-child policy. According to her testimony, one day, after she was out of prison, Li was taken by authorities to the Family Planning Bureau, physically abused by authorities and forced to have an abortion.

Now Li is being charged with fraud after posting about her experience online, but she maintains that she is innocent.

In the courtroom, Li did not shy away from expressing her disgust towards authorities, telling them and the judges that she didn’t care what her fate would be because she “didn’t want to live since losing her baby.”

“Li Fengfei lost her temper twice in the courtroom,” said her lawyer Li Guisheng. “Her mood was very distressed, and she got into arguments with the judges. She said she has nowhere to be heard, and that she thought that at least she would be given an opportunity to speak in court, and that she had waited a long, long time, but that when she got here, they wouldn’t let her speak. She was apoplectic, telling them she didn’t care what they sentenced her to, because she didn’t want to live since losing her baby. She said that a lot.”

While forced abortions are illegal under the law in China, it is widely known that they do still happen often, mainly because of China’s one-child policy. Opposing Views reported on another case of forced abortion in China that sparked outrage around the world. The one-child policy allows urban couples to only have one child, except in outstanding cases like multiples. This policy was enacted to help control the population, and it has been law of the land for a long time. 


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