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Li Fen Xia Gives Birth To 12-Pound Baby Boy, Biggest In LA County So Far This Year

An Arcadia, Calif., couple welcomed the newest big addition to their family: a 12-pound, 15-ounce boy who is now the largest baby born this year in Los Angeles County.

Real Sun was born on Feb. 10 at Arcadia Methodist Hospital and is described as a “miracle baby” by the doctor who delivered him, Dr. Andrew Yeh.

“He’s twice as big as the normal baby I deliver,” Yeh told Fox 11.

Despite Real Sun’s weight, he is not the biggest baby his mother Li Fen Xia and father Sien Xu have had. Li's first child was a 13-pound baby.

Both pregnancies were difficult, she told Fox 11, and made her question whether she wants to have another baby or not.

“He’s a chunky, little sumo wrestler,” Yeh said. “He’s absolutely beautiful.”

Earlier this year, the heaviest baby ever born in California was said to be 15 pounds. However, a Daly City couple argued that their baby is the biggest newborn in the state’s history: a 16-pound, 1.7, ounces child born last year.

It's worth noting: all of these California babies are tiny in comparison to the healthiest, heaviest baby born ever reported.  A healthy mother gave birth to a 22-pound, 8-ounce baby in Italy in 1955, according to Guinness World Records.

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