Letters from Strangers Saved Depressed Seventh Grader’s Life

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For several years, Maryland seventh grader Noah Brocklebank has been the target of bullying. He has been called names like “fat,” “ugly,” “annoying,” and “loser.”

"There are a lot of kids out there that suffer depression and anxiety," Noah told CBS’s Steve Hartman. When Hartman mentioned most aren’t willing to talk about it on television, Noah responded, “Not many are willing to talk about it, period.”

"I just felt like everything was worthless," said Noah. "My life was terrible. I had no one."

January 26, Noah posted a picture of his cut-up arm on the internet with a note that read “Day of scheduled suicide, February 8th, 2013, my birthday.” He intended to kill himself on his 13th birthday.

After that Noah was checked into a hospital for 8 days while his mental health was assessed.

"It's so scary," his mother Karen Brocklebank said. "You just want to save him."

That’s when his mother came up with an idea to show Noah just how important and loved he is. She asked several Facebook friends to send him a letter of hope. The response was more than she imagined. Noah has now received thousands of letters from people on every continent.

"It has restored my faith in humanity. It really has," said his mother. Not only has she started a Facebook page for her son, but also a website called LettersForNoah.com. She even opened a P.O. box just for these letters.

The outpouring of support has changed Noah’s outlook on life. "I was focused on the bad side of the people, like the bullies. Then I realized there are caring people out there that can be my friends."

Noah is still being treated for depression, but tells Hartman, "Yeah, I'm not going to be done reading my letters 'til I'm like your age."

Source: CBS News


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