Letter to the Editor: Refuting Marcotte


This Letter to the Editor responds to a recent column by RH Reality Check contributing writer Amanda Marcotte.  RH Reality Check welcomes letters to the editor and articles written continuing debates and discussions published by us.  We are soon to launch a redesigned site in which a separate section for LTEs and other categories will be included.

Dear Editor:

Amanda's Marcotte's piece "Refuting Powers: Many Obstacles to Contraceptive Access"  claimed that I wrote in a recent column that "contraception...may in fact cause abortion."  This is quite a doozy.

I not only never said this, but in fact said the opposite. In referring to a study that found an increase in the abortion rate as contraceptive use rose, I wrote:  "This doesn’t mean that access to contraception causes more abortion—though some believe that—but that it doesn’t necessarily reduce it." 

Marcotte also claimed on your site that, "Kirsten Powers would have you believe everyone who struggles with work schedules, child care or transportation, or funding is just stupid and lazy."

I'm curious on what basis she makes this claim?  If you read my column, you will see that I never touch on this issue even tangentially and I can assure you I hold no such view.  Amanda Marcotte made this up from whole cloth.  This should be concerning to you, especially considering your stated journalistic standards.

I always welcome feedback and criticism on my columns, but I do ask that it somehow relates to what I actually wrote. 

Thank you for your time.

Kirsten Powers


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