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Let Yoga Remain Pure, True and Commercial-Free

Yoga means union of the body, mind and spirit. A stepping stone towards spiritual growth or inner journey. This form of practice is for everyone and can be practiced anywhere or anytime. The beauty of yoga is that it grows with you and helps in creating awareness, focus, balance and many others. The practice of yoga stimulates the nervous systems and improves overall health.

Yoga is 10% asana or physical postures and the rest is the practice of unconditional love, service to others, non judgment, respect to the higher universe and others, humbleness, meditation and so on. It does not stop here. Bringing these qualities into my day to day life is YOGA. I find this is the hardest practice and am continuously working on it. I have often said "I am a work in a progress"

The yoga world today is a booming business. From the clothing world to the so called rock star instructors! Everyone from A to Z is in on it. The best is the advertising world of yoga... their perception or perspective of yoga is amazing.... Example of some funny one liners

  1. 'Yoga requires ladies and an open mind' ( really!)
  2. 'Yoga inspired apparel for healthy living' ( what has apparel got to do with health living!)
  3. 'Yoga wear for all levels' ( there is clothing for different levels?)

So you catch my drift. Not to mention the advertising for yoga retreats, yoga spas, yoga cruises. Then we have the rock star teachers and self proclaimed gurus who have created their own branding of yoga. I could go on and bore you till you are blue in the face with what is out there, mind you I haven't even started. Not to mention the yoga studios and the kind of classes/names that are offered. Here is one Nude Yoga.... go figure this one out.

Entering a yoga class these days is almost like a fashion parade of the tightest and smallest clothing available. If you are not in them then there is something wrong with you. I do not have the perfect body, shape or clothing and I (a yoga teacher) find it intimidating going to a power or vinyasa class, forget Bikram altogether!  All the focus is placed on the outside layer. I want nourishment for my deeper layers as well.

I want to be spoken To not Atto. I want to create the  connection between my body, mind and spirit. I want to learn from others  how in corporate yoga and its teachings into my day to day life.

I feel we learn from examples and personal experiences. After all yoga caters to all walks of life so why is this crucial ingredient missing? Am I not part of this walk of life?

I myself am a yoga practitioner first and then a teacher. I just feel that somewhere among all this hype we seem to have lost the real Meaning of Yoga. Instead of feeding our souls with it the practice we are preying on its beauty and teachings.

The above are my opinions....


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