'Lesbianism' Listed As Patient's Medical 'Problem' (Video)

Kristina Rodriguez recently found the word "lesbianism" listed as a "problem" on her medical chart at the Lake Park Family Practice in Indian Trail, North Carolina (video below).

Rodriguez posted a picture of her medical record on her Facebook page on Jan. 25 with this comment:

Someone PLEASE PLEASE enlighten me as to how this is relative to my medical problems?! I am completely SPEECHLESS. If this were listed under sexual orientation up near the top that would be one thing, but I wasn't aware that being legally married to a same sex partner was a medical condition/problem. It is rare that I jump up on social media like this, but someone else tell me how this is legal?!

"I was just real shocked to see that listed as a diagnosis," she told WSOC. "'Shocked' would be like the best word to describe."

Rodriguez was worried about her iron levels being low, so she had some blood tests done. She was stunned when she read her chart.

"This listed as a medical problem could really set someone back, could really mess with their self-esteem and could make them think that there's something is wrong with them," Rodriguez added.

Rodriguez said that she complained, and her doctor and a director at Carolinas HealthCare System told her how "lesbianism" was jotted down as a "medical problem" to keep her from being offended.

"It's 2017," Rodriguez said. "It's very normal for people to have a same-sex partner."

Rodriguez recalled that her doctor offered to place her sexual orientation in the note section.

"I think I will always be documented as [a lesbian]," Rodriguez stated. "Maybe I can call out of work for my medical condition, I'm not sure."

In response to the controversy, the Carolinas HealthCare System released a statement:

Carolinas HealthCare System has been made aware of a patient complaint regarding information contained in a medical record.

This is not an appropriate clinical diagnosis, and we are actively investigating how this information was included. Carolinas HealthCare System strongly supports diversity and inclusion in all its interactions with patients, the public and our teammates, including creating an affirming environment for LGBT patients and their families.

Sources: WSOC, Kristina Rodriguez/Facebook / Photo Credit: Kristina Rodriguez/Facebook

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