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Allergy Therapy: Holistic Treatment for Fighting Allergies

There are many folks who suffer from allergies. Allergies can be brought about by food, pet dander, pollen, mold or other substances. Allergy therapy is designed to help reduce the sensitivity to allergens.

Allergens are substances that cause the body to respond in a particular way that’s different from normal.

When you are exposed pet dander, for example,  it might merely smell bad to you. The body does not perceive anything wrong with it. However, for a person with an allergic reaction to dander, it may set off a reaction.

You might start to sneeze, become red or get swollen eyes. This is the body’s response to the introduction of the pet dander. It discharges histamine to oppose the invader. It’s the histamine which induces these different responses in an individual who has allergies.

Some folks with allergies may have an anaphylactic reaction. Here, coming into contact with allergens may lead to a fatal response by the body. An anaphylactic reaction may lead to the airway being cut off, serious swelling and death if not treated immediately. These persons carry an epi-pen as a first response to stop the reaction until they can get to medical care.

What Is Allergy Therapy?

Allergy therapy is a technique designed to bring down and eventually do away with the body’s response to certain allergens. Essentially, it’s desensitizing the body to these substances so you are able to live an allergy-free life.

According to those who practice allergy therapy, it’s better than allergy medicines at getting to the root of the problem. Allergy medicines are designed to address the symptoms. They treat a runny nose, itching, watery eyes, congested nose or lungs. These are all what may occur in the body when the immune system overreacts to a stimulus.

Allergy therapy integrates all aspects of an individuals life style to fight back versus the effects of allergies on the body. This includes diet, homeopathy, stress reduction, kinesiology and herbal cures.

How It Works

Allergy therapy helps to better the immune system and stop the effect of environmental and other allergens on the body. 1st, screening is performed to determine which allergens you’re allergic to. The fastest way is to use little needles that have been dipped in different allergic substances. This is done on the back. Wherever little welts surface, that’s a substance that you’re allergic to.

Acupressure is used to restore the flow of energy to the body after exposure to the allergic substance. Acupressure subscribes to the belief that anything that causes a problem in the body is barricading the innate flow of energy.

The particular allergen is avoided for twenty-five hours. Afterwards, the body is screened once again make certain that the allergy has been wiped out. It might take more than one treatment to desensitize your body to the allergen.

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Allergy therapy is much like allergy shots only no needles are used. The body’s natural energy is engaged to do away with the sensitivity to the allergen. If you’re having immunotherapy, confer with your physician prior to using allergy therapy.


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