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Lean Cuisine Ravioli Recalled Because It Has Glass Shards

Nestle is recalling hundreds of Lean Cuisine meals after consumers complained of finding glass shards in their dinners.

The company announced Wednesday that they are voluntarily recalling two production codes of LEAN CUISINE Culinary Collection Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli. The two codes are: 2311587812 and 2312587812. They have a “best before date” of December 2013.

These meals were created during two days of production and were distributed across the nation. Other production dates or types of Lean Cuisine aside from these are safe to eat and have not been recalled.

The food was recalled after three consumers reported to the company that they had found small fragments of glass in the ravioli entree. They were not injured.

It was produced during the early weeks of November 2012, and Nestle believes, due to its popularity, that there are very few remaining in retail distribution.

Because people might still be storing this item in their freezers, Nestle has asked that consumers examine their inventory and look for the specific package of recalled Lean Cuisine. The production code should be listed in the gray “proof of purchase” panel on the right end flap of the package, directly below the list of ingredients.

If a recalled package is found, the company urges consumers not to eat it but to instead call Nestle Consumer Services at (866) 586-9424 or email for further instructions. The Consumer Services office runs from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., ET. It will also run this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Those who have a product with glass will receive a replacement coupon and will have to send the product in for examination.

Nestle said it is dedicated to food quality and the health and safety of consumers. They apologize for customers who were inconvenienced by the recall.



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