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Lawsuit: Cops Attacked Man, Thought Insulin Was Heroin

Miguel Angel Llamas has filed a lawsuit against police in Long Beach, California, for allegedly attacking him while he was injecting himself with life-saving insulin, which the cops thought was heroin, on March 11, 2015.

At the time, Llamas reportedly had medical tubing in his arms, which is used for his dialysis treatments.

Two cops allegedly had their guns pulled when they approached the 67-year-old diabetic and grabbed him by the arms.

The lawsuit, which was filed on June 16, notes: "The unreasonable and unnecessary yanking and pulling of Plaintiff’s arms caused Plaintiff’s medical tubing to become disconnected, causing Plaintiff to suffer severe pain and visible bleeding. One of the other defendants then slammed plaintiff up against the wall, causing Plaintiff to strike his head," notes the Long Beach Post.

The lawsuit reportedly does not say why the cops police originally showed up, but Humberto Guizar, Llamas’ attorney, told "Police were there because of a call by someone saying there was a man with a gun. My client did not have a gun. They saw him injecting himself and they assumed he was a drug addict. That is why they attacked him."

According to Llamas' suit, he was handcuffed and placed in a police car for about 15 minutes.

Llamas alleges that he told the police he was in pain, but they ignored him. The cops reportedly released Llamas after concluding that no crime had been committed but did not offer him any medical care or call an ambulance.

The lawsuit asserts that the cops violated the 14th and Fourth Amendments and that the police who watched the attack demonstrated "deliberate indifference."

According to the lawsuit, the cops committed unreasonable search and seizure, excessive force, denial of medical care, assault and battery, constitutional violations, and municipal liability.

A spokeswoman for the Long Beach Police Department spokeswoman referred the Press-Telegram to the City Attorney’s office, which said it had not been served yet with the lawsuit.

Sources: PhotographyIsNotACrime.comPress-Telegram, Long Beach Post / Photo Credit: Highway Patrol Images/Flickr

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