Is Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Gay?

Though the Westboro Baptist Church cites the Bible as the source of its extremist stance against gay rights, there is now speculation that the founder of the cult, Fred Phelps, is gay himself.

The speculation comes from former Westboro Baptist Church member Lauren Drain, 27, who is now a staunch advocate for gay rights and anti-bullying. Drain describes her theory as the psychological phenomenon of transference — Phelps hates homosexuals so much because he hasn’t come to terms with his own dormant homosexuality.

“I never understood why, when [the media asked him], ‘Why are you so against the homosexuals? Did you have a homosexual experience? Do you have homosexual tendencies?’ And he would get so mad, he would shut down. And he’d be like, ‘I can’t talk to this person anymore, they’re stupid.’ His reaction to that was stronger than any other question you can ask him,” Drain explained to the Advocate, suggesting that his forceful responses were extreme even for his standards.

Drain participated in Westboro Baptist Church’s Topeka, Kansas congregation, but left years ago after questioning the cult’s practices. She now is a vocal supporter of anti-bullying movements and gay rights, and even posed for the NOH8 equality movement advertisements. Her memoir, “Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church,” was released on March 5.

Drain explains that even Phelps’ sudden motivation to become a preacher is suspect. He was a Boy Scout, graduated with honors from high school and was set on going into the military, until he abruptly changed his mind at age 17 and decided to pursue becoming a preacher against sexual immorality.

“I don’t know what happened there, so [speculation] is all that I can leave it at. But something happened, and something made him change his mind about the military, and in turn have kind of a crusade against sexual immorality and homosexuals,” Drain said. 

Source: The Inquisitr


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