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Laura Ingraham: Liberal Women Get ‘The Vapors’ Over Hobby Lobby Decision (Video)

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham told Fox News Tuesday that women who disagree with the Supreme Court ruling that allows Hobby Lobby and other "closely held" corporations to opt out of contraceptive coverage on employer health plans should have chosen to work somewhere else.

“I think a lot of these women have really bad cases of the vapors over this case and they’re doing so only for political reasons,” Ingraham told “Fox & Friends.”

“For them, the Constitution is something you need to get around,” she said.

“I think most people see this and they say ‘Okay so these women who decide on their own to work for these closely held, public companies like Hobby Lobby … that they are now not considered people because they aren’t able to get abortifacient drug from Hobby Lobby’s insurance, when they can go to Planned Parenthood," she said.

“The idea that there is no way for these women to get the very small class of abortifacient drugs and other contraceptives that Hobby Lobby, on sincere religious grounds, believes violates their conscience is ridiculous,” she said.

She claims the left is grabbing at straws to try to galvanize a shrinking young female base.

“The left knows it," she said. "Hillary knows it. This is a cynical game they’re playing … They’re trying to use this to gin up their old Sandra Fluke deal.”

Sources: Mediaite, Politico


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