Lather it Up!

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My oh my, am I a skin freak! Ever since I was a small girl—like 4 or 5 years old—I’ve been obsessed with skin products. I’m the queen of masks, moisturizers and soaps. Combine that obsession with my regular five-day workoutschedule and you get a stressed out-face, my friends! At least for me. Living in a dry desert climate is no bueno.

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That is until the skin gods blessed me withLather, a new line of skincare that has me grinning with every inch of my facial skin. I love that I can wash my face with this stuff (sometimes three times a day) and my face doesn’t feel like bark afterward. The company uses subtle scents and keeps things nice and gentle, so my seriously sensitive skin doesn’t have a dry baby cow.

There are so many reasons why people hate to work out—including the showering and washing multiple times-bit. This soapalleviates that tricky little problem. I personally recommend the Ultra Mild line, but I’ve tried masks, exfoliates and body scrubs from there that were just as lovely. I’m just a creature of habit. Do you have a tried and true skin care routine at the gym? Happy washing! —Tish


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