Latest on Fit Bottomed Mamas: Tina Fey’s Awesomeness, Superfoods & More!


There’s been some great content over on Fit Bottomed Mamas! From superfoods you should be eating to the 411 on the link between inductions and c-sections to Tina Fey HILARITY (love her oh-so-much), check out what’s been on and popping!

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How many of these superfoods are you eating?

Oh, Tina Fey. We heart you.

If mom and dad aren’t happy, ain’t nobody happy—or getting good sleep.

Backyard games are the BEST. If only we adults could enter this contest!

FBG Erin loses the last of her pregnancy weight. And has a whole new goal!

Induction junction, what’s your function?



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