Las Vegas Man Owes $407,000 In Medical Bills After ObamaCare Glitch


A 62-year-old Las Vegas resident owes more than $400,000 in medical bills with more on the way, and he says it’s because of problems with Nevada’s online health insurance exchange.

Larry Basich said he signed up for a health insurance plan via the state’s Obamacare exchange when it was introduced on Oct. 1, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Basich signed up for a UnitedHealthcare’s MyHPNSilver1 plan in November and paid his $160 premium as directed. But he never received notice that he was enrolled, despite Nevada Health Link representatives reportedly telling him that he was registered for a plan.

Basich suffered a heart attack at the end of December and had to undergo a triple bypass on Jan. 3.

His insurance was supposed to go into effect on Jan. 1, and even though Nevada Health Link claimed he was enrolled in a plan, Basich was not actually insured at the time of his operation. His medical expenses for January and February add up to $407,000.

According to the Review-Journal, now no insurer will claim his bills. He has since been appealing to the exchange and its contractor, Xerox, for help.

“All I wanted to do when I moved here was buy a house, get a dog and go to some spring training games for the Dodgers,” Basich, originally from Hawaii, told the Review-Journal.

Xerox is trying to assign Basich’s bills to another insurance plan, but the plan does not want to accept them, Fox News reported.

Tamar Burch, an insurance broker who is helping Basich, said Xerox is spending more time lawyering up for a legal fight than fixing than fixing Basich’s problems.

"I believe Xerox is covering themselves because of a huge system error," Burch told the paper.

Xerox says it is working to resolve the issue and is doing all it can to help out Basich.

News 3 received a statement from Xerox spokesperson Jennifer Wasmer, saying, “Mr. Basich’s issue is complex, and we’re working on it every day. We are in touch with Mr. Basich, his broker, the carriers, Silver State Health Insurance Exchange leadership, and the Division of Insurance to sort it out.. we’ll continue to keep the goal of resolving Mr. Basich’s issue front and center.”


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