Las Vegas Doctor Claims to Cure Hangovers in 45 Minutes

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A Las Vegas-based company, Hangover Heaven, is offering IV hydration and vitamin treatments to people suffering hangovers, all from inside the comfort of a bus (pictures below) or the patient's hotel room.

On his website, Dr. Jason Burke claims his FDA approved treatment can cure 90% of hangovers: "I can take you from a semi-conscious, porcelain-hugging, hit-by-a-truck hangover to feeling like you're ready to take on the world in less than 45 minutes."

The price of this IV treatment starts at $90, but can go up to $400 for treatment in your hotel room. Each extra patient, accompanying the in-room visits, would pay $125, in case you have drunken buddies.

The company does warn folks to drink in moderation as its FDA-approved treatment "cannot bring you back from the dead."

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