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LAPD Refuses to Release Video of Alesia Thomas' Death

The family of Alesia Thomas, who died after being kicked in the groin by a Los Angeles police officer during an arrest, has filed a lawsuit calling for the video of the incident to be released.

Alesia Thomas died of suffocation on July 22 after five police officers arrested her on child endangerment charges, reports KABC-TV (video below).

Alesia's mother Sandra Thomas told KABC-TV: “I go to sleep and I think of her and it is horrible because I know they really inflicted a lot of pain on my daughter.”

The Los Angeles Police Department told the Los Angeles Times that they would not release video of Alesia Thomas’ arrest until completing its own investigation.

The police officers involved in the incident have been placed on administrative duty.

An anonymous police official, who has seen the video, told the Los Angeles Times that the footage contradicts the police officers' claim that Alesia Thomas was resisting arrest.

The video supposedly shows that Alesia Thomas was unable to follow officers’ orders because she was having trouble breathing.


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