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NTSB Says Lap Children on Planes are Unsafe

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You know how airlines say that babies under age 2 can fly for free if they sit in your lap? Well, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is now advising parents to plunk down the cash to get Baby his or her own seat.

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Deborah Hersman, chairman of the NTSB, told CBS, "Saying it's OK to have a lap-held child sends the wrong message to parents. It's not OK to have a lap-held child in an aircraft. The laws of physics don't change for babies. They need to be restrained, too."

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The Association of Flight Attendants issued the following statement: "AFA does not believe that allowing a child under 2 to be held on the lap affords the child the same protections as the other passengers. For that reason, AFA has advocated for the use of child restraints during takeoff, landing and turbulence for 15 years. After all, per the Federal Aviation Regulations, everything on board an airplane must be secured or properly stowed for takeoff, landing, and often during flight -- except children under 2 years old."

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