L.A. Woman: Botched Breast Implants Left Me with "Uniboob"


A Los Angeles woman is going public with her story of botched plastic surgery so that no other woman is left with what she has to live with -- eyes that don't close and a "uniboob."

The Daily Mail reports that Dinora Rodriguez is the face of a new campaign by the American Board of Plastic Surgery that warns people about the dangers of unqualified surgeons.

Rodriguez said she went to one of those surgeons to have her breast implants replaced. She said the doctor cut her breast tissue, leaving her breasts touching in the middle.

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The surgeon also cut through nerves and muscles, leaving her with shooting pains in her ribs.

Rodriguez said the doctor also performed surgery on her eyes, even though she claims she never requested such a procedure. Now she is unable to close her eyes.

After a settlement with the surgeon, a qualified doctor fixed her breasts. But nothing can repair the damage to her eyes; Rodriguez must use drops for the rest of her life to keep her eyes moistened.

"I didn't know to check my doctor's qualifications and I regret it," the 40-year-old Rodriguez said.

That is what the ASPS ad campaign is all about.

"We want patients to understand what to ask their doctor and what to look for so that they can maximize their chance of a safe and successful procedure," said ASPS President Malcolm Roth. "There is a misconception among consumers that as long as a doctor is certified in a medical field that he or she is qualified to practice plastic surgery. This is absolutely wrong and it is dangerous for patients."


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