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LA Law Would Require Comatose Pregnant Women Be Kept On Life Support, Regardless of Family’s Wishes

A law proposed in Louisiana would require a brain-dead pregnant woman be kept on life support regardless of her family’s wishes.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Austin Badon, D-New Orleans, will move to the full House for consideration after it was backed by the House Health and Welfare Committee Wednesday with no objections.

Badon, a pro-life Democrat, said the bill protects the sanctity of life.

"We have a responsibility to that unborn child, to give that unborn child a chance," Badon told the committee, according to the News Observer.

The bill was spurred on by a recent case in Texas in which a family sued to have a brain-dead pregnant woman taken off child support.

"We need to look at the child,” said Rep. Jay Morris, R-Monroe.

A New Orleans resident told the News Observer she opposes the bill, which she believes sets a dangerous precedent.

"This bill wrongly, in my opinion, puts government between a woman and her family, a woman and her doctor and a woman and her faith," said Julie Schwam Harris.

Louisiana state law already mandates that in the event of a life-sustaining case doctors will settle “any ambiguity shall be interpreted to preserve human life.”

Sources: News Observer, ThinkProgress


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