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Yoga Hand Positions Help Concentration and Focus

The second mudra is called Kubera Mudra.

One of the hardest things to do once you have resolved to stick to a really meaningful promise to yourself, or you’ve committed to something really valuable to you, is sticking to it. We always waver. No matter how strong your commitment.

Kubera mudra is a physical expression of your deepest wish to stick to it. It’s very simple and this can be done so easily almost imperceptibly anywhere. It’s very cool

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Practicing Kubera Mudra

The first thing you do is embody your sankalpa, your deepest heart’s desire. If you can be clear and simple in formulating the words of your intention in a positive way, that would be really great.

  • Settle into a quiet place, regardless of where you are physically.
  • Place the tip of your thumb, index finger and middle finger together, bend the other two fingers so that they rest in the middle of your hand. Putting your fingers together in this fashion is a huge forceful commitment. You are harnessing desire, power, faith, courage and intensity behind those fingers.
  • If you happen to be alone and are up for speaking out your intention, do it three times while holding the mudra.
  • Sit until you begin to sense your sankalpa seep into your breath and heart - again.

If you are out in the wild, just hold your fingers together in this fashion and let that power fuel the support that you need to follow through with your highest intentions.

A bonus feature of the Kubera mudra is that it opens up and decongests the frontal sinuses, especially if you draw air up upward as if you were smelling the sweetest yummiest perfume.

So you’ve gotten the background of the Grounding Mudras, you’ve learned about Ganesha Mudra, and now you’ve got this one.

Have you tried them? One? If you do let me know! Leave me a comment

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