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Kremlin Accuses Texas Mother of Murdering Adopted Russian Son

Just a few months after Russia announced that it would ban Americans from adopting Russian children, the Kremlin is now accusing a Texas mother of killing her adopted Russian son.

Maxim Kuzmin, a 3-year-old boy taken in by a Texas family, died in late January. Pavel Astakhov, a Russian child ombudsman, claims Maxim’s body had a litany of bruises on his head and legs, and suffered from internal injuries as well.

"Three-year-old Maxim was beaten, according to the investigators, by his adoptive mother, who fed him psychoactive drugs over a long period of time, saying that he had some psychiatric illness,” he said.

Astakhov says that the Russian government is requesting the right to investigate the death themselves.

According to The Daily Telegraph, a funeral notice for a boy named Max Alan Shatto of Ector County, Texas, assumed to be the boy’s American name, was removed from a funeral home’s website. The notice identified the boy’s parents as Alan and Laura Shatto.

The Daily Telegraph reached Alan Shatto, who confirmed his Russian adopted son had died, but he gave no further comment. A US State Department official has said that the matter is getting looked into at the moment.

The Kremlin announced the ban disallowing Americans from adopting Russian children in December of 2012, citing their belief that Russian children are abused on American soil. The Kremlin claims 19 Russian children adopted by American families have died in the last ten years, and that their deaths have not been properly investigated by the American law enforcement.

(The Daily Telegraph)


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