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Kraft Heinz Recalls 2 Million Pounds Of Turkey Bacon

Kraft Heinz recalled more than 2 million pounds of turkey bacon on Tuesday after it was discovered that the product could possibly spoil prematurely.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Oscar Mayer turkey bacon could possibly spoil before the “Best When Used By” date. The occurrence came to the USDA’s attention after it received a spoilage-related complaint from a customer.

The recalled turkey bacon was packaged between May 31 and Aug. 6 of this year. Because this is a Class II recall, the health hazard suggests a remote probability of adverse health consequences if the turkey bacon is eaten. However, the bacon in question is still classified as having a low health risk.

This recent announcement is bad news for Kraft Heinz, which recently announced that it would cut 2,500 jobs and shave $1.7 billion from its budget by 2017.

The exact products in question are Oscar Mayer “Selects Uncured Turkey Bacon,” Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon “Smoked Cured Turkey Chopped and Formed,” and Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon “Smoked Cured Turkey Chopped and Formed.” Most of the boxes were shipped to the Bahamas and St. Martin.

Sources: Fortune, ABC News

Photo Credit: KWQC


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