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Koch Brothers Produce Misleading Anti-Obamacare Ad (Video)

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is a conservative political organization created and funded by oil billionaires David and Charles Koch, who have been strong opponents of Obamacare.

AFP recently produced a commerical (video below) featuring Emilie Lamb, a woman with Lupus, who says she lost her perfect health care plan, CoverTN, which was a state health care plan run by the state of Tennessee, because of Obamacare.

Under her old plan, Lamb says she paid $57 a month for her premium, but under her new Obamacare plan, she will be paying $373 a month (premium) and have a $1,500 maximum out-of-pocket per year cost.

Lamb makes some of the same claims in the ad that she does in The New York Post: "The [CoverTN] coverage was perfectly suited to my unique medical condition. It offered me low premiums, a low deductible and low co-pays for my regular trips to doctors and specialists. This plan was perfect for someone with my unique medical condition and limited financial means.”

However, Lamb doesn't mention that CoverTN's coverage ends at $25,000, or that its premium rates were based on sex, weight and tobacco use, noted The Tennessean.

Erin Kotecki Vest, a social media specialist for Blog Her, also suffers from Lupus and raised several questions about Lamb’s claims.

Vest writes:

Lamb says she had low premiums, awesome. How low? $57 a month. WOW. That’s AMAZING. How low was Lamb’s deductible? She doesn’t say. How low were the co-pays? She doesn’t say. Low prescription coverage? Lamb doesn’t say. There is no mention of a maximum out-of-pocket from Lamb.

Something KEY to us Lupus patients as most of us hit this maximum every year due to the crazy high costs of all the drugs and treatments we need in order to keep our auto-immune disorder in check. To give you an idea, I have hit my maximum out-of-pocket every single year since my Lupus diagnosis in JANUARY of that year, after my FIRST TREATMENT.

When it comes to CoverTN's coverage ending at $25,000, Vest writes:

Just ONE ROUND OF TREATMENT FOR MY LUPUS COSTS ALMOST DOUBLE THAT. $44,000 is what was billed to Aetna for one round of IVIG for me. That’s what I get EVERY 2-3 weeks!!!! That doesn’t even count the Rituxan I receive every four months or the 17 medications I take monthly or the co-pay every time I go see my doctor or the labs every time I go see my doctor. Just ONE of my treatments ALONE wipes out everything CoverTN had to offer me. I would hit CoverTN’s $25,0000 annual limit the first week of January.

Vest then praised Obamacare for providing much more coverage:

I shudder to think what would have happened to Lamb if she found herself being admitted to the hospital for a Lupus flare under her old plan.

Unfortunately Emilie Lamb doesn’t see it this way. She went on to say “When you were on the campaign trail, you promised that ObamaCare would help me with my medical problems. You promised that people like me with pre-existing conditions would be better off. And you promised that if I liked my health-care plan, I could keep it. Mr. President, you’ve now broken all of these promises — and not just to me.”

Except she couldn’t be more wrong. She now will be able to receive the expensive treatments to help with her medical problems. She won’t be discriminated against for her pre-existing condition.

However Lamb is 100% correct in that she did not get to keep the health care plan she liked, and I, for one, am glad.

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