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Kirsty Ashman Forced To Drop Out Of College, Partially Due To Dusty Books

A student in England can no longer attend college because of her allergies and some of her medical issues appear to come from books.

Kirsty Ashman ended up in the hospital after trying to study in the library, when dusty books triggered a severe asthma attack, according to the New York Daily News.

The 22-year-old, who tried to study at two universities, has been forced to give up her dream of becoming an English teacher.

“My allergies grew so bad that I lived in fear of libraries and common rooms, as even a small inhalation of dust could bring on an asthma attack which would completely shut down my airways,” Ashman stated.

Ashman attended two different universities before being forced to drop out.

“The library and the common rooms were always dusty, the books triggered my allergies and I had to get my friends to get my books from the shelves,” she added.

In two years at university, she suffered more than 15 life-threatening asthma attacks brought on by various dust, grass, pollens, animals and mold.

“I am determined to become a teacher, so I’m studying at home from the Open University — but there’s no way I can study English, there are too many dusty books,” Ashman, who now studies medical sciences, noted.

According to information on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, millions of people suffer from allergies caused by everyday exposures to agents such as dust mites, cat dander and pollen.

Sources: New York Daily News, CDC


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