King-Sized Snickers Bar Falls Victim to Michelle Obama

Say goodbye to the king-sized Snicker bars -- send your complaint letters directly to Michelle Obama. Mars Inc. said it is making the move to comply with the First Lady's war on obesity.

The New York Daily News reports that Mars has decided to get rid of all candy bars that exceed 250 calories. The king-sized Snickers clocks in at an unhealthy 510 calories.

Mars is one of 16 food companies that has pledged to Mrs. Obama's Partnership for a Healthy America to eliminate 1.5 trillion calories from its foods by 2015.

Mars said it has already removed 97% of trans fats from its products and will reduce sodium by 25% by 2015.

You'll still be able to get your Snickers fix, though; the king-sized version will be replaced with "2toGo" -- two 220 calorie bars in one package that can be resealed "to save one for later," the company said.


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