Kindergartner FrankieElizabeth Warner Banned from School For Not Getting Chicken Pox Vaccine


A kindergartner in New York is banned from attending her school until she gets a chicken pox shot, but because her newborn baby sister has a rare condition, she could risk killing her if she received it.

If five-year-old FrankieElizabeth Warner gets the vaccine, doctors say she could kill her newborn sister who has an auto-immune disorder.

The vaccine's pathogens make the baby susceptible to getting the chickenpox, as she is not strong enough to fight it off.

Meanwhile, FrankieElizabeth is unable to attend school because officials say she is a "danger to classmates" at the Staten Island school.

Her mother has begged the school to let her daughter have a waiver for the vaccination, but the school isn't budging. 

"The medical exemption was denied after a thorough review with the parent and the student's doctor," a spokesman said.

"A student can be excluded from school for not having the required vaccines."

FrankieElizabeth now has to stay at home. Her mother is considering homeschooling her.

Sources: The Stir, NY Daily News


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