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California Kindergarten: No More 4 Year Olds

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According to the Los Angeles Times, this move would reduce the state's kindergarten population by 100,000. As with most issues in California, the change is aimed at easing the state's huge budget deficit -- and could garner as much as $700 billion each year. 

"Both the research and our classroom teachers are telling us that California kids are starting kindergarten too young,'' Sen. Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto), the author of SB 1381, told the Times. "The net result is, it's not good for them educationally and it's not good for the other kids in the classroom who get a little less attention because the teachers are struggling to deal with those young 4-year-olds.'' 

Proponents say that the change will benefit students who sometimes need the extra year to advance both socially and academically. Opponents deem the change unfair, as most state-run preschools are inaccessible and childcare costs are continuously on the rise. 

The bill goes to the state assembly next for a vote.

Moms, what do you think? Is 4 too young to start kindergarten


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