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Ragdoll Yoga Pose Soothes Kids' Anxiety

These two versions of Ragdoll Pose are fantastic poses to promote a calm and stress-free feeling in body and mind. This is a fantastic pose to release tension in the neck and shoulders, and will help students focus on long, deep, slow breathing, leaving them feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on new challenges. Both are forward bends, which help to calm the mind, reduce fatigue and anxiety, and soothe frayed nerves. Take a yoga break, do Ragdoll Pose, and enjoy!

Standing Ragdoll Pose

To do Ragdoll Pose, you want to reach way up with your arms, and then slightly bend your legs as you fall forward reaching for the floor. Let your head hand down, your arms hang down. Let go. Shake your head yes, shake your head no, and take some deep, long breaths, letting your body sink a little bit further to the floor with each exhale. After a little while, press into the floor with your feet and slowly roll yourself back up to standing one vertebrae at at time. Bring your hands to prayer or leave them by your side for one last inhale and exhale.

Seated Ragdoll Pose

Sitting on a chair, widen your feet and your knees wider than hips distance apart, making sure that your knees are over the ankles and the feet are facing forward. From here, reach up on an inhale, exhale, keeping the length through the body, cascade your torso through your knees. Bring your hands toward the floor, bending the elbows, softening your throat, letting your head hang down. Release the tension. Take a deep inhale, and exhale with an open mouth, "Haaaaaaa." This is a fantastic pose for opening the hips, releasing tension, lowering blood pressure, and simply to de-stress. Stay here for 5-15 breaths, and when you are ready, slowly roll yourself up, taking your time, and return to a seated position.

Enjoy the feeling of rest and relaxation throughout the remainder of your day.

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