Storytelling Yoga Stretches Kids' Bodies and Minds

A cool group activity that you can do with your class is to create a yoga choose-your-own-adventure story.

Start off the activity by telling the first few sentences of a story and doing a yoga pose or sequence of poses to represent the actions. For example, you might say, “Once upon a time there were a dog and an eagle in a boat…” and follow with Down Dog, Eagle, and Boat Poses.Everyone does the postures before moving on to the next storyteller.

The child next to you then adds on a few sentences and presents his or her poses for everyone to do. Each child follows, adding on story and postures in succession.

When you do this activity, you will have to moderate the ideas to a certain extent. First of all, make sure that the story remains decent/appropriate…sometimes kids can get carried away with their creativity (typically with violence or scatological humor). And second, make sure the story doesn’t overshadow the postures. The real point of the exercise is to use creativity as a conduit for the yoga poses. Everything should either be a real pose or at least a made-up posture that involves stretch, strength, and/or balance.

This is a really engaging game for kids, as it gives them a fun, creative medium, and they love having a chance to be in charge.

This post courtesy of the Mini Yogis Tip of the Week by Shana Meyerson.

In this interview Shana, founder of Mini Yogis, shares her extensive expertise of teaching yoga to children and teenagers.


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