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This Yoga Exercise Helps Kids with ADHD Focus

A rope can be a useful yoga prop. This video demonstrates one way to use a rope in a kids' yoga class. Rope Walking is a mindfulness activity which teaches focus and concentration. It also improves balance and coordination while providing a calming activity that is both challenging and soothing in nature. This mindfulness activity is ideal for individuals with ADHD, as it allows for movement while developing mind/body awareness.

Today we have three young yogis who are going to show you how to do rope walking.

For younger children (or those with special needs), they can walk on the path made in between the rope. Walking all the way to the center.

For older children, they can walk on the rope. This increases the diffficulty of the exercise and helps them to learn balance and body coordination. It helps them to teach where they are looking when they want to place their feet. And is a lovely exercise to teach them how to do a walking meditation. Of course, once they get really good at it, they can do various activities such as jumping or walking a little faster.  But for the most part, simply walking along a rope is challenge enough.

And that’s how you do rope walking.

More yoga and mindfulness activities can be found on YogaInMySchoolTV on YouTube.


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