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Kids Play STD Prank on Parents With Help of Comedian Nathan Fielder

A Comedy Central comedian is giving parents everywhere more reasons to hate Twitter. Comedian Nathan Fielder uses Twitter less for mundane updates and more as a platform to encourage kids everywhere to prank their parents.

In his latest suggestion, he tweeted for kids to text their parents and ask if it is illegal to not tell a sexual partner they might have given them an STD. Then, sign the text with “asking for a friend.”

Fielder has received quite a few responses back on Twitter, the funniest of which were the sympathetic Dads who explained they have also been in that situation, while also advising their son or daughter “don’t tell mom.”

Here are some of the responses:…

— Jake Massoth (@JakeMassoth) June 6, 2013

@nathanfielder I think I scared him a little...…

— Claire Baldwin (@itsmeclaireb) June 6, 2013…

— vizz(@gab_rakadabra) June 6, 2013

@nathanfielder I'm not replying back…

— Elegant Tooth (@royaltooth) June 6, 2013

@nathanfielder is this how you met mom…

— Bart (@barthump) June 6, 2013

Source: Gawker


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