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Kids Going Crazy for Onions... Here's Why!

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Ronda Kaysen: At your next trip to the grocery store with the kids, don't be surprised if you get an unexpected request for onions. Yes, onions. Kids are going nuts for the aromatic bulb ever since Vidalia onions teamed up with Shrek to market the latest jolly green ogre flick.

In a stroke of marketing genius, the Vidalia Onion Committee, an association that represents 100 growers of the sweet onions that grow in Georgia, teamed up with DreamWorks and started adorning their bags of onions with Shrek's happy mug.

The result? A huge spike in onion sales and a new source of spontaneous temper tantrums everywhere.

Three-year-old Aiden Harvill was recently spotted by the Wall Street Journal , which first reported the trend, at a Georgia supermarket having a complete meltdown over a Shrek-designed bag of onions. "Mama, there's Shrek!" he shouted. Mom relented and threw the bag in the cart.

"He never, ever eats vegetables, but when we got home, he wanted me to cook them," Elizabeth Harvill told the Journal. Aiden devoured the casserole she made with them. "I was astonished. It was like a toy in a cereal box."

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Another mom, Tamara Gibson, has been making repeated trips to the grocery store to stock up on the newly beloved vegetable for her three kids. Her 4-year-old is especially smitten. "I was at the store last night and thought, 'Gosh, I'm going through onions like crazy these days.' It's like buying milk!" she told the Journal.

The uptick isn't merely anecdotal. So far this season, farmers have shipped eight million more pounds of Vidalias than they did at the same time last year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

"We've sold more onions up to this point in the season than we ever have in the past," Brian Stanley of Stanley Farms, a large Vidalia grower, told the Journal.

So what's the connection between onions and the green ogre? It all goes back to the first Shrek movie, when the ogre compares himself to the sweet, flavorful bulb. "There's a lot more to ogres than people think," he tells donkey. Onion and ogres are a lot a like. And it's not because they're both stinky or make you cry or brown in the sun. Nope, both onions and ogres "have layers." Aha!

And so it was with that comparison that the Vidalia committee and DreamWorks set out to launch "Shrek Forever After, Vidalias Forever Sweet."

There are even recipes for newly minted onion-lovers, including Swampy Joes, Shrek-O-licious Summertime Succotash and Donkey's Savory Onion Parfait.

All this onion fever is a welcome respite from the traditional cartoon-adorned boxes of sugar-laden, nutritionally bankrupt junk that's usually marketed to kids.

Moms, have you noticed any Shrek onion bags and are your kids begging for them?


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