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Kids Dying Because of Autism Anti-Vaccination Fears

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Elizabeth McCaffery died at 4 weeks of age from Whooping
cough, a totally vaccine preventable disease. She was the first to die from this
appalling disease since 1997.

Local Paediatrician Chris Ingall said:

“The only way to stop babies getting infected with whooping cough is
by vaccination, there is no other way,”he said.

“The vaccination rates on the North Coast are the worst in Australia. This is
why we have so many incidences in this area compared with other parts of

“Parents should be alarmed, whooping cough kills little babies. We must get
our vaccination rates up so adults don’t pass the disease on to babies.”

The local health authority acted responsibly by bringing forward the vaccine
schedule – a move that many anti-vaxxers will be horrified at no doubt.

Meanwhile, over in Kittitas Secondary School in the
United States, the local health authority: requiring postponement of all field trips and scheduled
activities or events that include other schools, school districts, and/or family
members of students.

Why? Because of Whooping cough.

As of Thursday, March 12th, there have been 24 cases of Whooping
Cough in Kittitas County; 21 of these cases have been Kittitas Secondary School
students or staff members.

In addition to those who tested positive over 150 Kittitas County residents
have been tested for Whooping Cough since the beginning of this outbreak…

And still more elsewhere in the US:

Two elementary school students in the Stevens Point School District
are recovering from whooping cough…

and yet more in the US:

The warning comes after two students in the district have been
diagnosed with the potentially fatal bacterial infection. The health department
would only say they are elementary aged students and were being

How terribly sad and tragic that the same situation is playing out across so
much of the affluent world – kids dying of vaccine preventable disease – because
a few idiots think they know best and are willing to put the lives of others
children at risk, when in the third world countries people are still dying by
the tens of thousands from vaccine preventable disease and are desperate to get
ahold of vaccines.

Once more I’m shamed by the actions of those in the so-called autism
community who perpetuate this ridiculous nonsense at the cost of the very lives
of babies.

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